Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rain at MCM London 25/01/2011

Talk about total madness! I didn't get the chance to take a photo with Bi 'Rain', but managed to hold onto him *screams*

It feels surreal! I normally go 'starstruck' but I was in a proper fangirl mode today – grabbed his wrist when I had the chance to whilst walking by his side and I don't know what got into my mind when I asked for a hug, which I didn't get anyway (ha ha). I could've just hugged him straight away without asking for Pete's sake! But oh well, overall it was one priceless experience!

Thanks G for tagging me along! Details of the meet-up and a short video clip on oh!kpop

I apologise for the low-quality photos. Apparently, my sister, who had the camera right exactly when Rain came out of MCM, had a fail moment! The camera was on a video mode so I had to cap the good bits out of it.


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