Monday, January 24, 2011

Rain at London Club on January 23rd, 2011. (on Twitter)

어제 비느를 London club 에서 봤다고 누가 글 썼네요. 너무 사생활일 것 같아 올릴까 말까 고민했는 데...
언제나 비느를 보면 나오는 감탄사 연발해 주시고...he's SO HOT!!!! (아쉽게 셔츠 벗어졋히진 않았다고 했는 데...)

정말 많은 영국팬 혹은 영국사는 팬들이 화요일에 비느 보러간다고 난리니.... 사진과 후기 볼수 있을 거 같구요.

According to some fans of Rain in the UK, they saw Rain at London Club yesterday (January 23rd, 2011).

In the club, their eyes surely showed open admiration as they looked at him, "He's SO HOT!!!!" (Unfortunately, he didn't peel off his shirt.)

So many of his British fans have gone wild with excitement by saying they will go see him this Tuesday whatever, therefore, many pictures and video clips of Rain are expected to be posted on the Internet.

**It is said Rain is scheduled to be at the London MCM store in Knightsbridge, on January 25th. (Tuesday)

Source: DC / Facebook group
Brief translation by rain

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