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Rain at a Japanese restaurant selling Bentos in Paris on January 22nd, 2011

나 재범갤 유동인데..다들 비느님 파리 오신거 아나???인증 없음 구지씹인거 알기에 후기 안올릴까도 생각했지만내가 넘 신기해서 적어봄...

나 파리에서 3년째 유학중인 학생인데..학교 마치고 중국친구랑 오페라 근처에있는 ace마트라는 한인 마트 옆 일본 벤또 가게에 밥 먹으로 갔었음작고 싸지만 나름 맛집인곳 인데..친구랑 주문하고 출입문 근처에 자리에 앚았는데 문이 열리더니 어딘가 낮익은 사람이 들어오는거임...한 3초가량 눈이 마주쳤는데.. 빽가 였음.. 그때까지만해도 되게 닮은 사람이라고 생각했는데..뒤이어서 비느님이 들어오시는 거임그럼서 우리 진정하자고 아는척하면 포장해서 나갈수도 있으니까 조용히 있자 이러면서한국인 아닌척하면서 힐끔힐끔 보는데..

빽가가 우리자리에 자리를 잡는것임옆테이블이 아니라 옆자리거기 너무 쫍아서 테이블이 몇개없는데 빈곳이 우리옆자리 밖이었음그래서 나는 비느님은 당연히 내옆에 앉겠구나 하고 두근 하고 있었는데 비느는 빽가 옆으로 앉고 한명더 동행한 사람이 내옆에 앉음 ㅜㅜ한 30분 정도 식사하고가셨는데... 비느님은 가츠동 드셨음한입드시고 바로 "이거 우리 스타일인데"하셨음근데.. 내가 불어로 말하니까 전혀 한국인인걸 모르는 눈치였는데..

비느님은 그래도 조금이라도 사적인 얘기는 진짜 작은 목소리로 해서 안들리게 하시더라뭔가 그런게 몸에 배인느낌.. 편하게 식사하시라고 끝까지 모르는척 했는데...친구들한테 말하니까 다 바보라고 ㅜㅜ근데 막상보니 포스에 눌려서 절대 말도 안나옴..재미도 없게 구질구질 길게 올려서 미안 ㅜㅜ어제 느낀건 진짜 계는 일반인이 타는구나

Do you happen to know that Rain is now in Paris???

I've studied in Paris for 3 years and am a fan of 'Jae Bum', the former member of pop group 2PM.

With my chinese friend after class yesterday (Januray 22nd, 2011), I went to a Japanese bento restaurant which is small but is offering delicious food, located beside a Korean market called 'ace'.

When we sat at a table near the doorway of the restaurant while waiting for food after order, a man who is a familiar face to us came in, and at the same time, his eyes met ours for about 3 seconds. It was Baekga.

Soon after, Rain followed him into the restaurant with another somebody.

We tried to pretend that we hadn’t known who he was, calming ourselves down, because we were afraid he would get a carry-out.

While I kept giving Rain a glance pretending not to be a Korean, Baekga sit next to us due to the narrow confines of the place with only a few tables.

The seat next to me was still vacant, so I inwardly expected Rain to sit next to me feeling butterflies in my stomach, but Rain sit next to Baegka, another one sit next to me. ㅜㅜ.

They were eating for about 30 minutes, and Rain ate 'Gachdong' (カツ丼) and made a remark about the food, "It's quite to my taste", after taking a mouthful of food.

Rain seemed to be completely unaware of the fact that I am a Korean because I only spoke French, but he talked quietly so as not to be overheard when private conversations between the three took place. I thought he had got into the way of doing so.

We looked the other way to the end in the hope that he could relax and eat without constraint.

After what happened, when I told my friends what I had done that day, they said to me ㅜㅜ, "What a damn fool thing to do! " in one voice. At that time, I just found myself unable to speak because I was awed by the presence of Rain when I had a chance to actually meet him.

I find it absolutely astonishing that the once-in-a-life-time opportunity was at my door even though I'm not a fan of Rain, and my heart is still pounding with excitement.

Source: DC
Brief translation by rain

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