Friday, January 07, 2011

Kim Kowang Min' took a sauna with Rain yesterday

'Kim Kowang Min' showed off his acquaintance with Rain (his real name, Jung Ji Hoon)

In MBC TV's 'Luck Show series 2' aired on January 5th, 'Kim Kowang Min' proved that he has an intimate acquaintance with Rain.

'Kim Kowang Min' and Rain have become intimate since they were in school, but the cast asked 'Kim Kowang Min' to reconfirm whether or not that is the case.

'Kim Kowang Min' astonished them by saying on this, "We always go around together. I took a sauna with him again yesterday."

Then, 'Heo Joon', one of the cast, even asked a question that is intriguing to people and raised a laugh, "You could see all the way to Rain?" In particular, it also made the female audience including 'Baek Bo Rahm' Imagine Rain's naked body.

Continuing, 'Kim Kowang Min' said that he felt glorious by saying, "Rain'll monitor this program I appears on." and, other cast members could not hide their joy upon hearing that, "Is it true that Rain is watching this program?"

Meanwhile, ‘Kim Kowang Min' and Rain played their parts enthusiastically in KBS 2TV 'The Fugitive Plan B' that recently went off the air.

Source: Newsen
Brief translation by rain

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