Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[FanAcct] Rain @ MCM store (Part 1)

I'm really eager to tell you all what happened today. If you look back on this site, I intially said that I wasn't going to be able to make the event as I had univerisity around the times they had originally put (4pm – 6pm) but i checked yesterday to find that the time had changed!!! Rain was going to be there from 2pm – 3pm! This was perfect!

Anyways, I went with my friend to the MCM store and got there at around 1:30pm. The store wasn’t too hard to locate. As I got there, there was already a cue forming around the corner of the shop but it wasn't too long. I was pretty optimistic that I would get into the shop and meet the man that is Rain (lol)

While we were waiting, I met some other Rain Bi fans also and we shared our passion and excitement together. Even though I knew Rain was coming, it still hadn't hit me.

It finally got to 2pm; the time that Rain was meant to come. However, the other rain beat him to the chase and literally everyone got soaked. It was really heavy! But it added to the coincidence of Rain coming. It was like a sign!

It was 2:20pm and Rain still hadn't showed up. I was getting abit worried because I knew I had to leave by 3:30pm in order to get to uni. But i didn't need to be, because all of sudden people started screaming. I looked behind me and there was a rather nice peach coloured Limo. It was him, i could feel it.
The car drove to the front of the shop. Everyone was going ballistic! Even passers by stopped to see what the commotion was about. And then he came out...


He had black shades on, a really nice leather jacket with a leopard print collar. He wore a print t-shirt, black jeans (i think) and nice army boots.
I thought he was gonna go straight into the shop but he started from the top of the queue and as he went to the bottom, he shook peoples hands. He shook mine!!! In that moment, i could see his humility and humbleness. He didn't have to shake our hands but he did. And he had no umbrella too! He's a very decent person.

In my excitement, i hadn't realised that people were taking their cameras out. So in a rush, i took out my camera and got this shot:

MCM London (6)


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