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[FanAcct] Rain @ MCM, London 25/01/2011

I've calmed down a bit now, fan-girl spazzing has taken at least 8 hours to feel "back to normal" again. Now I can "calmly" write down my fan account of meeting Rain (Bi) in the London! ^_^

I found out about the Rain MCM event through SOAS Korean soc. (You guys are an absolute saviour!) on Saturday (22 Jan, 2010).

After this, I started google-ing EVERYWHERE about news of Rain in London. Turns out he's having a holiday tour around Europe, and has been seen in France (Paris), Switzerland. Before the MCM event, some fans in London have spotted Rain in a restaurant at Covent Gardens, and rumour has it that he was seen clubbing in Aprés.(If only I had seen him there! Clubbing with Rain...♥)

MCM event rollercoaster:

At first, we were told that Rain would be at the MCM store on Tuesday 25 January, 4pm - 6pm. However, later on (Sun), it was seen potentially cancelled due to an "unforeseen schedule clash". (This was where I went crazy for 24 hours). LUCKILY, the next day (Mon), we were informed that the Rain MCM event was ON (yay! :D), but the times & details had changed:

Rain would be at MCM at 2pm-3pm. BUT you had to buy a MCM backpack (worth £375 to £475) in store in order to see Rain, where he would sign the backpack. No cameras, phones & recording devices were allowed.

Seriously, how many people are going to spend £375 on a backpack!? If anything, no one should buy the bag!!! If no one buys the bag, Rain will have no autographs to sign! Then he will be like "Where are my UK fans?" and will come outside and say hello to everyone! BINGO!

However, this later changed to buying ANY product at the MCM store.

If you wanted to meet, speak, talk, touch, to Rain, you had to buy a MCM product, and you would have to go downstairs to the basement, where he would sign it for you, talk to you, hug you, and an official photographer would also take a photo of you two together.

Only those who buy a product from MCM would be able to see Rain.

When I arrived at the MCM at around 1:30pm, the queue at this time was surprisingly SHORT!

Rain did not arrive until around 2:30ish and he came out of a white limo.

Ironically it was Raining when Rain came out of the limo. As soon as he came out, fans went MAD! (Myself included). Check out the video footage:

Rain, your reputation proceeds you! Most celebrities would come out of the limo, and into the store. That’s not what Rain did! Not only did he start shaking & holding & touching hands with fans AS SOON as he came out of the limo, he went DOWN ALONG the queue, shaking & holding & touching other fans, bowing & saying hello to his fans!

Seriously! What. A. Gentleman. ♥

Then, Rain went inside the store and down to the basement. Only 10 people were allowed to go inside at the time. I didn’t intend on buying anything, but HELL, who doesn't want to be in the same building as RAIN?! So I went inside.

The cheapest product at MCM was an iPod case which was £85. Many fans didn't intend on buying anything, but when you're in that environment, where you KNOW Rain is DOWNSTAIRS, BELOW YOU, waiting for YOU, you get kind of desperate.

Because HELL was I sure TEMPTED! To talk to Rain face to face, to touch Rain & hug him, to take an official photograph with him... But I didn’t buy it in the end...( AFTER MUCH WILL POWER! ) Kind of regret not buying anything now… I could have bought it and sold it on eBay. DAMN. Why didn't that come to my head at the time!?

My friends got the 100% FULL PACKAGE though. Got SIGNED merchandise, SPOKE to Rain, HUGGED & TOUCHED Rain, took a PHOTO with Rain~ ~

Some photos:

credits to: Christine Lau, Mary Hoang & Simone Nelson ^^

Apparently when Rain was signing this backpack, he laughed & said, "Wow!" - totally can imagine doing that! Reminds me of a scene from Runaway Plan B :D

My lucky lucky friend, bought 2 items and saw Rain TWICE...And HUGGED HIM 4 TIMES! ♥ ♥♥ And managed to get him to sign her jacket!

My friend was ever so kind to get my autograph from Rain by giving me her 2nd signed photograph ^^ (Thank you thank you, Mary! I owe you my life & passport! Love you! :D ♥♥)

At around 3:20pm, Rain left the store. He was in a rush because he had to leave the country (I think he's heading his way to NYC?).

Despite being in a rush, Rain came out the store and started shaking hands with fans. And this is where he SHOOK MY HANDDDDD. *insert fan girl scream*

It was SURREAL. All the fangirls (myself included) had their hands out like going "손! 손! 손!" "Hand! Hand! Hand!"

At first I was like, "SOMEONE'S HOLDING MY HAND!" For about a second, I stupidly thought that I had grabbed another fan's hand instead because it was so soft. But then, I noticed it was a big hand and then looked down at my hand, then looked up…and into Rain's eyes (sunglasses). His face was facing mine, and although he was wearing sunglasses, I SWEAR TO GOD HE WAS LOOKING AT ME!

And that's when realise I realised I was holding Rain's hand!!! SO I SQUEEZED. LOOOOL. And then let go. LOL

It wasn't even a handshake, he actually held my hand for like... 2-5seconds?! I'm not sure if my mind is exaggerating over the "handshake" and it was in reality, 1-2 seconds, but man, I will never forget that moment in my life!

You can just tell that Rain is just SO SWEET. When he was leaving, he was signing autographs to fans who did not buy any MCM products, which shows that it wasn't his idea. I heard that a fan asked had asked him for a hug outside, and he said, "Sure" until the security hurried him to move on.

At the end of my fan vid, you can see that I was RIGHT BEHIND, AS IN 5CM CLOSE BEHIND, SO CLOSE, Rain. I was sooo tempted to poke him or tap him, just TOUCH him then and there. But I was too scared. Especially with security trying to move him away. DAMN, I should have acted crazier! SHOULD HAVE GIVEN HIM A BACK HUG!

UK fans are less crazy than Korean fans! There were sooo many chances where I could have JUMPED him! There was only 2/3 security guards! The staff of MCM have no idea how lucky they are, especially since half of them didn’t even KNOW who Rain is! DUDE, HE'S LIKE KOREA'S MICHAEL JACKSON!!!

I'm so happy that I got to see Rain! It's so SURREAL. Can't believe it actually happened.

He's sooo HOT! Unfortunately he didn't take any clothes off. But his skin is so amazingly clear, and his outfit reminded me of Hyun Bin's track suit from Secret Garden (haha)

He's quite tall as well. Thinking about it he was probably 15cm taller than me, so he's around about 180cm :D If only his sunglasses were OFF.

I tried looking at his eyes by peaking through his the side of his sunglasses when he was looking at the side. Couldn't see much, but he seemed happy to be meeting his UK fans ♥ *fan girl swoon*

Then he went inside the limo and left. But because there red light at the traffic light came on, the limo was still not moving for a while. We were all trying to do laser eyes at the black screens of the window, trying to look inside.

Me and my friends did the "saranghae ♥" sign at the limo. I hope Rain saw that! ;)

MAN...This has been the best day of my LIFE.

Although, I did not buy anything I still managed to SEE Rain, TOUCH Rain, get a photo and videos OF HIM, and an autograph ♥


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