Saturday, January 01, 2011

The case against Rain accused of being in default of gambling debt to Andrew Kim, is not valid in itself

The case involving Rain who has fallen under suspicion of being in default of gambling debt of $150,000 to 'Andrew Kim' who was a promoter during Rain's world tour concert in LA, has turned out not to lie in itself.

It has been confirmed that the judges have actually ruled in Rain's favor relating to the compensation claim 'Andrew Kim' has lodged against Rain due to the cancelation of his LA concert in June, 2007.

According to the court ruling in LA, the case by 'Andrew Kim' has been transferred to Korean Commercial Arbitration Board, so it has to be brought only in Korea, which means the case has been decided in favor of Rain. Even so, 'Andrew Kim' filed the same compensation suit against Rain again in 2009.

Consequently, Andrew Kim's another action seeking to urge Rain to pay his gambling debt of $150,000 to him (Andrew Kim) was a repeat of his action in 2009, and he (Andrew Kim) just changed the title by intention.

Rain's lawyer expressed, "Andrew Kim sued against Rain again, removing of a portion of the petition even if the case was already decided against the plaintiff (Andrew Kim). Basically, such a case is not valid."

An official from Rain's agent said, "'All of a sudden, Andrew Kim' charged Rain for discharging his gambling debt to him (Andrew Kim) when he (Andrew Kim) found he was at a disadvantage in the lawsuit. The words, 'Rain's gambling debt', can't be found anywhere in clause # 110 of the original petition in 2009. It is definitely a malicious case."

Source: Nate
Brief translation by rain

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