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'ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN' ends in great success

It came to a great finale to the last day of the year 2010 with singer Rain's performance which is worthy of his reputation.

Rain interacted with his more than 7,500 fans during a two and a half hour concert, 'ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN' held in Seoul's Jamshil Gymnasium on December 31st, at 6:00pm.

Rain marked the start of the concert with 'I'm Coming' and heated up the stage, performing more than 20 songs such as 'You', 'Not A Single Day', 'How To Avoid The Sun', 'I Do', 'Hip Song', 'Love Song', 'Rainism' and so on.

Rain thanked his fans, "Today is the last day of the year 2010. I think I'm so happy because many of you have attended my concert. It is possible for me to have this concert because of you, so I have more fun."

Fans were hypnotized by his electrifying performances and intoxicating moves through the performance.

He fantastically performed 'One' using chairs, and represented the soul and massive talent as the King of Dance, showing off his fancy dance moves with female dancers while performing 'Touch Ya' and 'I like you again'.

He sweetly sang 'Love Story' but even cut up his clothes at the end of the song, and then he stripped to the waist while water was pouring through the ceiling during 'Nan' performance, so female fans were swept off their feet over the excitement of the performance.

Also, Rain tried to hold fans' hands even more once in order to get closer to them during the concert, beating up and down on the stage that is H-shaped, which attracted the audience's attention.

A special event for his fans was shaping up to be compulsive viewing. Rain invited a pair of lovers onstage to make her boyfriend propose to her, and the boyfriend finally won her hand, combined with Rain's conducting the event with wit.

Rain told her boy friend who won her hand, raising a laugh with his joke, "You must buy my CDs or see my movies in the future."

In addition, he invited a female fan onstage to romantically sing 'My Woman' for her, which aroused the jealousy of all sorts of women.

Also, Rain looked surprisingly relaxed as a singer who has been singing for 9 years, steadily inducing the participation of the audience.

In particular, pantomimes using laser were performed during the bridges between the show, it was a very interesting and new experience for the audience.

Rain said, "I have something special in mind. Next year, my new music album which would be an incredible retro style, will be released firstly, the second project is that my new movie will come out, and I’m thinking I’ll do the third project. I hope to get a lot of support from you."

Meanwhile, everyone realized the popularity of world star Rain as not only the domestic fans but also overseas fans such as fans with blond hair or Japanese fans came to catch the show.

Source: Sports Today & Star News
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