Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Program Shows Production Scenes from 'The Fugitive'


The KBS2 blockbuster "The Fugitive: Plan B" drew its curtain with its final 20th episode on December 8. A special program showing behind-the-scenes episodes was broadcast on December 9 with Lee Jung-jin, who played police investigator Do-soo in the show, as its narrator.

The cast and crew worked in perfect harmony. Rain, who played a leading role of private investigator Ji-woo, served as an entertainer on the sets.


Scenes from a special program showing Rain and director Gwak Jung-hwan

Lee Na-young, who played the female lead role of Ji-ni, showed off her new image in the first action-packed drama of her career. Other cast members such as Sung Dong-il and Kong Hyung-jin also add zest to the show.

"The Fugitive" drew much attention from the beginning because it was directed and written by the same director and writer, Gwak Jung-hwan and Chun Seung-il, who were behind the mega-hit period show "The Slave Hunters." But it failed to gain as much popularity as their previous show. Gwak commented, "Ratings do not necessarily reflect the toil and sweat we put into a work. I hope all the cast members remember that. What counts is the effort itself. I hope other people also acknowledge this and recognize us for that."

Writer: Roh Ji-won

Source: KBS Global Entertainment

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