Friday, December 03, 2010

Rain's beautiful and big hands to raise women's pulse rate

Epi19 (12)

In the 19th episode of KBS 2TV's every Wednesday and Thursday drama series 'The Fugitive Plan B' aired on December 2nd, Rain and 'Lee Na Young' were seen communicating with sign language using their fingers.

In a situation where 'Ji Woo' (Rain) and Jinny (Lee Na Young) had to escape from the hospital to avoid being seen by police director 'Baek' (Denny Ahn), 'Ji Woo' wrote on Jinny's hand when police security was slack, while the scene was narrated by the two.

When 'Ji Woo' spelled words on her hand, "The gold bars are in danger", she answered back with the question using her fingers, "Why?". Following, 'Ji Woo' wrote on her hand again, "There'll be our ward rounds. I''ll act as a doctor, while you'll act as a nurse. Everything will be OK because I always stand by you in joy and sorrow."

And then, the two were able to escape from the hospital safely.

In that scene where the conversations of using their fingers between the two, there was a close-up of their fingers for a long time.

Since 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain) who is 185 centimeters tall, has fitting big hands to the large stature, 'Lee Na Young's hands looked cute and sweet relatively.

Viewers responded enthusiastically to that scene after the episode, "Ji Woo's hands are really big. In contrast, Jinny's hands look so small." "He has the hands I've always dreamed about. I even once wish to be grabbed by the hand by him" "Sure enough, 'Ji Woo' has fitting big hands to the large stature. His hands are so beautiful even if they are big."

Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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