Monday, December 27, 2010

Rain works in partnership with JYP

According to JYP Entertainment, "Singer and actor Rain belonging to J.Tune Entertainment recently requested JYP Entertainment to take charge of J.Tune Entertainment by saying "I want to concentrate only on entertainment work as a singer and actor before joining the army". After that, JYP Entertainment shareholders also approached Rain with the same proposal, so 'Preemptive Right' to J.Tune Entertainment has been given to JYP Entertainment through 'Allotment To The Third Party'

Adding, "We'll give the best support possible to Rain to be busy doing entertainment work more freely, and "the alliance between the two companies will generate a significant synergy effect, combined with Rain's accumulated experience of the last three years and the know-how from the existing company system."

When one of Rain's fans just called Rain's agent 'J.Tune Entertainment' to check on who'll be in charge of Rain's management, they answered, "J.Tune Entertainment will be charge of his management."

It is said that J.Tune Entertainment is just strategically entering into an alliance with JYP Entertainment.

Source: Sports Today &
Brief translation by rain

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