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Rain @ KBS YunYeGaYunGye Guerilla Dating

I could not be a good dancer or a good singer then

MC: Here is world star Rain.

Rain: Please look forward to Rain's guerilla date.

-The crowd occupied the roads near Hongick University because of Rain's guerilla date, blocking traffic for miles around-

Rain: It's a very familiar place for me where I spent most of the time dancing at that time when I was wandering around the streets hungry in junior high school.

Rain: what's this?
I really like dogs. Thank you for your present, and I'll have it on my wall at home.

Rain: The baby isn't crying.

MC: Do you like Rain? (to the baby)

Baby: (He is a stranger!)

-Baby deserted Rain to go back to mama-

MC: You are a real eager beaver who practices and practices.

Rain: I only practice. (laughing)

Rain: I practice more than in the past because my body isn't as good as it used to be.

MC: Why did you it? (When woman A hugged Rain right after she came forward)

Woman A: I knew he would hug me.

Student A: I just feel on top of the world. I've come from a distant place and met Rain unexpectedly. I love Rain, world star, Bi!

MC: But just what is it about him that makes you fall in love with him?

Student A: He is very sexy from head to foot.
My aunt figures I'm here studying hard, (but I've had an unexpected piece of good luck during break time.)
Anyway, can I do it?

MC: What do you want to do?

-Then, Rain gave her a big hug-

Student A: I can't believe it! Oh, thank you!

MC: Do you like Rain? (to Student B)

Rain: She looks just like me! (She was so excited that she couldn't talk)

-They took a picture together in memory of something resembling-


Student B: I've liked Rain since I was in elementary school.

MC: Do you ever go to his shows?

Student B: Not yet.

MC: Because seats tend to sell out quickly?

Rain: I'm scheduled to perform on the 31st, so I recommend coming in on the day.

Student B: Since I have no money, I can't buy it.

Rain: I'll invite her somehow.

-She was a smash hit-

Rain: Please put down your contact number (to Student B)
Dear 'Park Sung Hyun's parents (Student B's parents), I entreat you to let her go to my concert. I'll arrange the ticket somehow and invite her.

Rain: There'll be a spectacular laser show using 3-dimensional graphics technology in my show. It seems to be very different now than ever before.

MC: How do you maintain your six packs?

Rain: I've made 4 six packs, and I need to make 2 more.
I think they will be back to the beginning before my concert.

MC: Start!

Fans: (They are singing Rainism together)

Rain: Thank you.

MC: Do you like singing Rainism song to Rain's choreography?

Fans: Yeah!

Rain: I think it's been almost 10 years since I made my debut as a singer under the mane, Bi (Rain), and I've actually been singing for almost 8 years.
Fortunately, I think I've never kept on being lazy yet when I look back on the past.

MC: You've worked with a lot of beautiful actresses.
Let me play a game of World Cup to look for you Miss Right.

Rain: I really hate playing such a game. They are all good actresses.

MC: Let me play the game for a KBS special to air in Christmas on the guess that they will be all good actresses. 'Song Hye Kyo' vs 'Gong Hyo Jin'. Choose one.

Rain: Do you think we should go through with this even though I'm glad we could meet after all these years?
Please don't do this. I like all of them. Please finish it in this way.

Rain has actively played a variety of roles in several other films and dramas for a constant change, from a high school student to a private detective, a killer and so on.-


MC: Which character do you think is for you?

Rain: I could be just as adept playing a psychopath character.
In the middle of the movie shoot, the director didn't care about my acting because I played the character like I was possessed.

Rain: I recently got a physical exam at the hospital, and I've been proven to be physically in my 40s. Exercising and dieting excessively might produce negative result. They say I've simply overworked my body.

Sylvester Stallone tried to cast Rain for his movie, but Rain turned down Stallone's request due to Rain's busy schedule relating to his world tour.-


Rain: The schedule for movie Ninja Assassin shoot had already been set at that time, so I promised Stallone that I could work with him after Nija Assassin. After that, I actually visited his house and greeted him.

MC: Can you tell me where the house is?

Rain: Are you able to know the location because you've never been there before?
Stallone lives in Santa Monica.

MC: Did you go to his house to see him, helped by a car navigator?

Rain: Of course. (laughing)

MC: What is your final goal as a singer?

Rain: I try to go to the limit. I'll do everything I can, even though I'm criticized.

MC: Will you do it, even though your six packs disappear?

Rain: Yes. (laughing).

Rain: I'll serve in the military as an active-duty soldier around in the second half of next year. I could not be a good dancer or a good singer then, but I'll continue to make every effort as much as I fall behind. I consider looking after my soul, so I don't feel so burdened about it. I'm sure It'll give me a good opportunity to look back on my time.

MC: You have only five days left to become 30 years old.

Rain: I can't remember what I've done (laughing and making a gesture to feel as if something burst inside him)
I climbed Namsan to get a view of the sun rise at the age of 19.

MC: Really?

Rain: I wished on the sun rise and decided to let everyone in the world know me, when I went up to the mountain top in a difficult situation where I experienced a great sense of loss when my mother passed away on, with my poverty-stricken family background.

Rain: Reflecting on what's come before, at this time of my late 20s, I think I've accomplished my dream, so I'm thinking of climbing up to the mountaintop once again before I'm 30 years old.

-World star Rain who has a bigger dream even though he has already been at the very top of his profession. We always cheer for him.-

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