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Rain @ KBS YunYeGaJunGye news The Fugitive: Plan Making Film+Farewell Party

- It focuses on interviews with Rain and 'Lee Na Young' -

Q: How did you feel when you gave Jinny (Lee Na Young) a kiss in the last scene of The Fugitive Plan B'?

Rain: 'Ji Woo' (Rain) used to kiss a character called Jinny with force, but in the last scene, they came to kiss each other by tacit agreement. I wish they had kissed a little earlier, and it's a great pity that they had kissed in the last scene of the drama.

Q:What was the hardest part of doing this drama?

Lee Na Young: I think the fact that we had to shoot action scenes, including me.

Q: A picture showing your lost muscle mass during the 2010 Asia Song Festival, just ignited a heated debate on the Internet.

Rain: It all depends on how they take pictures.
I still have nice abs. You can see the abs during my concert at the end of this year.
Please look forward to it.

Rain: The biggest change in this drama seems to be that Jinny wears a short skirt, I think.

Lee Na Young: Maybe I should just stop wearing it.

Rain: 'Lee Na Young' has seldom worn a short skirt, but she has often chosen to wear it in the drama.

Lee Na Young: I think I've exposed my body to the public frequently.

Rain: Men ought to be all the more grateful for me.

By making mistakes by intention, Rain is trying to make the drama contain many scenes where she wears a dress that shows her exposed figure.

Rain: The scene should be let go on long. That's the shots. Don't give up!

Q: What is it about each of you, you're pleased with?

Lee Na Young: He always let me know the point that has to say in this drama.

Rain: I think I'm more meticulous, but she isn't.

Lee Na Young: He brought me laughter.

Rain: We sometimes had a very hard time during the drama shoot, but we always seemed to use our good manners.

Rain: It seems like just yesterday that I started shooting the drama 6 months ago.
Thanks for a job well done.

Lee Na Young: I know that our great accomplishments are due to your hard work and professionalism.

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