Monday, December 06, 2010

Rain is cast to play the hero in "Red Muffler", a 10 billion KRW blockbuster


Rain & 'Sin Se Kyung'

'Red Muffler', a 10 billion KRW (around $9,000,000) blockbuster, stars actor and singer Rain, alongside actress 'Sin Se Kyung'.

In particular, in the film, Rain'll play as a fighter pilot bombing Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, which attracts great attention.

Recently, in a situation where there is a growing public sentiment that North Korea must be more severely punished for bombing Yunpyung island belonging to South Korea, this film that contains a scene in which South Korea's missile strikes into Pyongyang, the heart of the North Korea, will be the talk of town during and after its release.

During the phone call with Newsen on the 6th, an official from the film studio (CJ Entertainment) expressed, "Rain has selected 'Red Muffler' as his last project before his joining the army, while actress 'Sin Se Kyung' will play the heroine of the film."

In the film, Rain and 'Sin Se Kyung' will play a fighter pilot character named 'Tae Hoon', and an aircraft mechanic character named 'Se Young', respectively, and they build a loving relationship with each other.

One of the production crew said about this, "Rain has signed up for the film, but in her case, the offer has been accepted, subject to contract because the issue of appearance fee is not solved yet."

'Red Muffler' will be produced by the unwavering support of the Air Force, and the production side has been promised to access through the several military installations in the airbase located in Rain's hometown, Seosan, in Chungchungnam-do, and it begins shooting as early as late January of next year.

Source: Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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