Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain & Baekga @ cafe around Anguk


그냥 삼청동 길을 걷고 싶어서
무작정 안국역으로 향했다.
사람들이 하도 삼청동 삼청동 하길래 뭐 좋은게 있나 싶어서 좀 걷다가
에 뭐 별거 없네 하면서
그럼 그 유명하다는 진선 북카페나 한번 가보자 하는 마음에
아무 생각없이 들어갔는데..
응? 비랑 빽가가 있네?
평소 비에는 전혀 관심이 없었지만
실물로 보니 아 뭔가 굉장하다 싶어서
주변에 미친듯 전화질 문자질.
나는 약하고 여린 여자라 사인을 받거나 앞에서 대놓고 사진찍는건 못하고
뒤에서 소심하게 폰카나 찍고 말았다.

I went toward Ahnguk Station with no definite goal in order to just stroll around the Sahmcheong-dong street.
I was walking around for a little while in hope that there would be something special to watch because the street has been touted as a gorgeous location with one accord, but there was not much to attract me.

I changed my mind and I'd like to take a look at the famous bookstore, 'Jin Sun', and entered the bookstore with no thought.
"Oh dear? Rain and Baegka are over there ? "
"My goodness ?!!!!?"

I used not to care about Rain at all normally, but I felt something special about him and frantically sent text messages to my friends.
I couldn't take any pictures of him before his face because I'm a weak and young girl, and at that time I was so timid that there was no choice but to take his picture showing only his back view with my mobile phone.

Source & Credit: http://blog.naver.com/bary0814 / B4@DC
English translation by rain bird@rain-eu.com

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