Monday, December 06, 2010

One of the main characters will die in the last episode of "The Fugitive Plan B"

The beginning of the last episode of KBS TV's every Wednesday and Thurday drama series "The Fugitive Plan B", portends a leading cast member's death before it goes off the air, which makes viewers look forward to it.

One official from the drama production excited curiosity, giving a hint about the death in the 20th episode of the drama, "One of the main characters will meet his or her death in the 20th episode."

Continuing, "A sad thing will happen in the beginning of the last episode where they are in so much pain because of one character's unavoidable death, so the drama shoot proceeded on under a sad atmosphere."

This is the first time that one of the main characters has come to die since 'Jang Sa Boo' (Gong Hyung Jin) was cruelly taken by poison by 'Howang Mi Jin' (Yun Son Ha) in the middle of where the drama started.

Even though the beginning of the last episode will tragically unfold, the main characters will mercilessly avenge his or her death on them, and this drama will be brought to a successful conclusion.

On a special feature on "The Fugitive Plan B" to be aired on December 9th, at 9:55pm, behind-the-scene stories during the drama shoot and the staffs' stories will be shared.

Source: Sports Josun
English Translation credit: rain

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