Wednesday, December 15, 2010

[Notice from rain-cloud] We've asked systems analysts to solve a problem with the server + The recruitment of new Cloud members

Hi, we're the 7th Cloud executive board.

We know there are a lot of those who have not accessed to the official Cloud Rain fan club website since the firewall was installed to make the site's server not to be hacked. In reply, systems analysts say that they will try to solve a problem with the server.

We'll try to finish this work as quick as a wink, so please be patient with the inconvenience for the time being.

New members for the 8th Cloud fan club will be recruited after the server functions stably, and the details of the recruitment is being arranged, so we'll inform you as soon as the date is confirmed.

It's estimated that we'll begin recruiting from the last week of this month (December)

Thank you.

Brief translation credit: rain

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