Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Koyote’s Baekga reveals that Rain cried for him in the hospital


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Koyote's rapper Baekga was unfortunately diagnosed with brain tumor around a year ago. Thankfully, his surgery was a success and it finally seems that he has recovered, as he made an appearance on SBS's Strong Heart.

On this week's episode, he revealed a heartwarming story about his close friend Rain.

He stated, "I'm close with Rain and while I was ill, he was having a concert in another country. I didn't call him because I thought he would be worried. After hearing about the news, he visited my house. Rain is a strong and vicious friend, the last time I saw him cry was eight years ago when he was talking about his mother. When I told him that I was sick, he started crying with his mouth shut. At the time, he told me that he would always be with me at the hospital whenever he had no oversea concerts and that my surgery would go well. He really did stay at the hospital everyday, which became a big source of strength for me.

I never thought of getting cancer or a tumor. I considered it as something that would never happen to me, and I was scared. For two weeks, I cried by myself at home and I had no idea how to handle the situation. I went to my parents and tried to be strong about the matter but after seeing their faces, I was the one who ended up crying first.

Even at the moment, I don't have much of a left brain. The tumor grew past the skull and the scalp so the bone was cut and replaced with things that are not mine. I was left with a huge scar so I couldn't even look at the mirror. I thought to myself, 'Why me?' I thought I lived being kind to others but such an incident brought me down.

But the important thing is the fact that a person like me overcame it, which means everybody out there can do it as well."

The studio was overwhelmed with emotion, including Baekga himself, who showed some tears.

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