Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain's airport fashion which is chic and casual at Guangzhou Baiyun airport, is his new Rainism?

Singer and actor Rain showed off his airport fashion that was chic and casual.

Rain showed up at China's Guangzhou Baiyun international airport last 27th, at 11:30am (by local time) in order to appear on the stage for the closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou.

The airport had been crowded with many of his fans and newspaper reporters since early in the morning as news came that Rain would hit the stage for the ceremony. The fans shouted altogether and exhibited love when Rain showed up.

On the day, Rain wore a black coat & a black jean and a white shirt to match. He looked like he was conventionally dressed when they caught a glimpse of his outfit, but the military shaped collar of his coat turned up and M label white bag on his shoulders, gave an accent to the outfit, which made him rather casual-looking.

When Rain was seen stirring his stumps carrying a bag on his shoulders, he looked cheerful as if he was having a picnic, which made people laugh.

He was mobbed by camera flash from reporters who were excited when he showed up with a stylish outfit, and his airport fashion was widely reported in the press.

Rain who entered that country on the day, rendered his hit songs, Rainism, Hip Song, and Friends with enthusiasm on the stage for the closing ceremony, showing off his dignity as a Hanryu star (Korean Wave Star) with his own splendid performance.

Source: TV Edaily
Brief translation credit: rain

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