Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rain, "My solo performance at the closing of the Asian Games was definitely meaningful."

Singer Rain's solo performance ended the finale in a flourish at the closing ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games.

Rain had his solo performance at the closing ceremony of the 16th Asian Games held in China's Guangzhou, on November 27th. This is his second participation in an international event after the Beijing Olympic.

As the Korean representative, Rain showed his hit songs, Rainism, Hip Song, and Friends, and his own splendid performance commanded attention.

Rain gave his thoughts after his performance, "I felt burdened by the major task I took on as the Korean representative, but what I had my solo performance was definitely meaningful. I send out a hand of applause for the efforts and passion of all athletes, including those who won medals."

Meanwhile, Rain is to strive to prepare for his year-end solo concert, 'Adieu 2010 with RAIN', to be held in Seoul's Jamshil Gymnasium upcoming December 31st.

Brief translation credit: rain

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