Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lee Hyori and Rain to skip year-end festivals


Singers Lee Hyori and Rain will not be attending the three year-end award festivals held by SBS, KBS, and MBC from December 29th – 31st.

Representatives of Lee Hyori revealed, "We have no plans of attending the year-end festivals. Until the first half of next year, Lee Hyori will not have any official activities scheduled aside from commercial film (CF) filming. She will instead be preparing her new album (scheduled to be released during the second half of 2011), and will be taking a period of rest to manage her body and stamina."

Rain will also not be attending due to his participation in the drama "Fugitive"; as well, he will be holding his own countdown concert on December 31st. His representatives stated, "He will be filming for his drama until it ends and immediately go into concert preparations. He does not have enough time to prepare for year-end festivals. We do not have plans for his attendance."

Source: Daily News
Credit: Allkpop

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