Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain starts to take legal action against 'Andrew Kim', launching a libel suit against him on or around the 27th October

While hiring a lawyer after having his case legally checked, Rain who said that he would take legal action against Korean-American 'Andrew Kim' who has raised a suit against Rain, accusing Rain of not paying back $150,000 of his gambling debt, is going to initiate legal proceedings against 'Andrew Kim'..

An official from Rain's agent 'J.Tune Entertainment' expressed, "Not later than 27th October, Rain'll sue 'Andrew Kim' for defamation by the intentionally false information 'Andrew Kim' has spread." "We know that it takes a long time to bring an action against Americans, but we've looked for the best way to draw the most immediately effective ruling, and we've decided to do that recently."

As a result, Rain plans to calmly and assertively take legal action against 'Andrew Kim'.

Rain's side declared, "Rain has had no transaction with 'Andrew Kim'." and "We'll take strong action because such malicious allegations that are unfounded to resort to personal attack and insult can fatally cut at celebrities, regardless of whether it's true or not."

'Andrew Kim' who was the promotor of Rain's LA concert which was going to be held in June of 2007, filed a compensation suit against Rain last June, with 'Andrew Kim's claim of two million dollars for damages caused by the cancelation of the concert, and then he raised a suit against Rain again the same month, accusing Rain of not paying back $150,000 of his gambling debt, after last year when 'Andrew Kim's lodged a compensation claim against Rain, Rain's prior agent 'JYP Entertainment', and 'Star M' which supervised the concert, with 'Andrew Kim's claim of $30 million for damages caused by the cancelation of the concert.

Rain's side said, "The court in California where 'Andrew Kim' brought a suit against Rain last year, has recently decided to let 'Korean Commercial Arbitration Board' put in charge of the judicial process, which makes it impossible for the trial to take place in USA." and "So, 'Andrew Kim' has sued Rain to lastly slander Rain because 'Andrew Kim's all attempts are null and void as his lawsuit failed last year."

Source: DongA
Brief translation credit: rain

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