Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rain gets absorbed in it with all his heart up by 120% in 'The Fugitive Plan B'

Rain's creaming up performance as the hero called 'Ji Woo' in drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' is now enthralling viewers.

In the second episode of the drama on the 30th, after having a narrow escape from the attacks of some assassins seeking her life, 'Jinny' (Lee Na Young) comes to be in contact with her boy friend 'Kai' (Daniel Henney) staying in Japan, and he urges her to come to Japan.

The assassins who tired to kill her, even attack Ji Woo' (Rain) after finding the trail of 'Ji Woo' in her house.

Learning of her situation through the assassins, 'Ji Woo' who is a tough proposition finds an important piece of evidence of a criminal suspect called 'Melgideck' and goes to Japan in the same cruise with her, but they both still don't believe each other.

And there is the beginning of an equivocal atmosphere of mutual investigation between them having a joke with each other.

In the broadcast on that day, 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain) as the main character in the drama called Ji Woo, made the viewers a present of laughter, providing a comfortable to them.

He has received a great deal of recognition for his various acts where not only does he make a wide array of facial expressions but also he performs the action scenes in a very convincing way, etc.

Also, there is enough of Rain's awesome action scenes with 'Jung Du Hong' who is acknowledged the best stunt director in Korea to suggest that Rain has tried to put a lot of effort into his acting to be very realistic.

And Rain is being praised for his immaculate performance as the hero called Ji Woo who smirks and is optimistic.

Rain, who is best known for dealing with rather heavy subjects as a singer, breaks away from his more traditional image by showing this new side of him through this drama.

His complete image transformation where he gets absorbed in it with all his heart up by 120% in the drama, continues to draw critical acclaim around the viewers.

Source: Asia Economy
Brief translation credit: rain

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