Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rain and TABLO are being unexpectedly disillusioned by Korean-Americans' controling over the two

Domestic song world is being disillusioned by Korean-Americans who spread unconfirmed rumors.

This time, top star Rain is being really taken. Rain is being troubled by a Korean-American's claim that Rain had gambled in Las Vegas, following singer TABLO who has gone through too much trouble because of vicious rumors by the other one, but that have proved to be false.

The Korean-American's suspicion, that means "don't ask me about that" or "Rain may die for all I care", has been raised that Rain had gambled in Las Vegas, which causes Rain tremendous emotional distress.

The Korean-American has kept repeating his ridiculous claim about Rain since he invited a press report which has tried to screw Rain over to the United States. Not surprisingly, while it's hard for the truth of the rumor to be revealed, rumors have rapidly abounded.

Now Rain's side protests that he did no such thing, "This is unjust. He'll be cleared of the false charge.", but with the groundless rumors, he can do nothing except resign himself to taking it lying down in a circumstance where they cause great damage and the loss of his career.

It is now focused on the fact that the Korean-American raising a suspicion of Rain's gambling is involved in Rain's canceled world tour concert, while focusing on whether someone else must be behind all this, even including, the Korean-American's concealed intention.

For this reason, Rain's side has also been aggressively preparing to respond to that the way TABLO did.

Rain has decided to bring criminal charges against the Korean-American through the police in USA, taking a firm stance on the issue by saying, "I'll prove my innocence by any means, and that’s how I will address that issue."

The fact is that Korean-Americans' raising suspicions and shirking their responsibility that mean "I don't care if you don't ", cause the domestic top stars to deeply hurt their feelings.

Meanwhile, Rain is calmly shooting the drama on a schedule determined by the production, while keeping his eyes on the situation.

Source: Naver & OSEN
Brief translation credit: rain

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