Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The press release refuting the claim by 'Andrew Kim' who has filed a lawsuit against Rain

In connection with 'Andrew Kim's malevolent suit against Rain, including his vicious slander on Rain's name, law firm 'Faw' makes our position in Rain's behalf about the claim of 'Andrew Kim' who was the promotor at that time of Rain's canceled concert in LA as follows.

Issue 1: Did Rain borrow $150,000 from Andrew Kim?

'Andrew Kim' causing this controversy was the promotor in LA at that time of Rain's World Tour, and he just had transaction with Rain's prior agent, or with 'Star M' which had the right to the concert, so 'Andrew Kim' had no transaction with Rain.

That's why no money is owed to Rain and 'Andrew Kim' as Rain had no transaction with Andrew Kim'.

Andrew Kim is also saying, "I have no I.O.U.", so our law firm will press Andrew Kim to assume legal responsibility for the action corresponding to his intentionally spreading such false information.

Issue 2: Did Rain neglect to prepare for his concert, indulging in gambling in Las Vegas at a time when he was about to hold a concert?

Rain visited USA on June 17th, 2 weeks before his concert in LA (June 30th).

After that, Rain spent busy days, holding a press conference with newspaper reporters, interviewing with the performance team, promoting for the concert, and concentrating on practicing. Meanwhile, Rain progressed meetings with 6 agents including Warner Brothers for choosing a contractor in USA.

Rain had visited Las Vegas on the 24th and 25th for two days and one night in order to greet his acquaintances he had friends of while he worked in USA and to attend his birthday party arranged by them.

But, by that time, litigation related to the cancelation of his concert in Hawaii which became an issue, caused Rain to participate in his birthday party for only a short time and to return to his hotel, so he had never had a gambling problem reaching a serious level mentioned by some press reports and didn't even have time to do that.

Some newspapers are pretending to meet those concerned in the fact and to confirm it, but we'll legally hold them accountable, making clear the fact through making sure whether their stories are true or not.

Issue 3: Has Rain gotten legal advice to get the green card?

Rain was ever advised only on his 'Walking Visa' which is essential for inroading into the American market.

Rain was advised only on advance arrangements for his overseas activities, and he has never been advised to avoid joining the army, or to get the green card.

There is no reason for Rain, who has a greater future than anyone else and is loved by his fans while expectations are tremendous for him, to avoid joining the army even with giving up his Korean nationality.

In the circumstances where a reputation has been acquired as a hardest working singer and actor for more than ten years, who that has common sense would do such a thing?

We'll bring a firm legal action against 'Andrew Kim' because we can no longer do nothing about his vicious slander on Rain's good name.

Issue 4: Why is 'Andrew Kim' bringing such a suit against Rain?

To fix the responsibility on 'Star M', JYP, Rain, etc. when World Tour was cancelled, 'Andrew Kim' lodged compensation claims against about more than 20 people including Rain, which has been well known in the media many times.

And, the contract related to LA concert clearly specified 'Korean Commercial Arbitration Board'-sponsored procedures should be prioritized before lawsuit. For this reason, There had been a request to have the case transferred to the 'Korean Commercial Arbitration Board' by JYP and Rain, and then U.S. court accepted their request.

So, 'Andrew Kim' is only keeping repeating his ridiculous claim when he is at a disadvantage in the lawsuit as it has been decided that the case should be transferred to the 'Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

In the case related to the cancelation of World Tour that was brought against Rain by Star M, it has recently been determined no blame is imputable to Rain, so there is no need to comment about apportioning the blame.

It is only a fraud which blows upon Rain's face in order to turn the suit to Andrew Kim's advantage, taking advantage of the fact Rain is a famous entertainer.

Rain has done nothing to be ashamed of each report and is full of confidence about this, he has recently brought civil action and criminal prosecution against some press reports and reporters who have been engaging in malicious reports, and he has staked out his position on the issue and called for tighter controls against them by saying "I'm not going to take it lying down anymore just because of a celebrity."

Source: Joy News
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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