Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[Notice from rain-cloud] Rain'll attend 'Asia Song Festival'

(Fans are urged to sign up as early as possible, to guarantee seating)

Hello, we're the 7th executives.

We noticed a few days ago that Rain would not participate in 'Asia Song Festival', but his agent has replied that his final decision to attend the event has been made today.

For this reason, we are supposed to take fan club seat applications via e-mail until midnight tonight, which put us in a very embarrassing situation, but once it is decided, it seems to be essential that we move with speed as soon as possible. Hope that this information will be posted on Rain fan sites such as benamoo, Rain Gall, etc.

How to apply: 7_2ga@naver.com

Title: Applying for Asia Song Festival.

Content: Fan club ID, name, date of birth, e-mail, putting down your contact number.

The content above will be accepted until 5pm tomorrow. (October 19th 5pm, by Korean time)

(Everyone can participate in the event even if you are not included in the fan cub)

* How the seats will be arranged or distributed is voluntary by the organizers, so we don't know how to go on yet.

We have no words to apologize to some fans who have lost this opportunity to participate in the event due to this situation where our words have been retracted.

Overseas fans who want to attend the event can receive coupons which will be downloaded directly from the site http://www.asf.or.kr/ (click 입장권다운로드) That way you'll be able to get an admittance to the event.

Source: rain-cloud
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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