Sunday, October 03, 2010

[KBS2TV YunYeGaJunGye] "The Fugitive : Plan B" Press Con.

Rain: I am not the murderer. Do you remember I told you I would jump off the bridge?

"The Fugitive Plan B" is a drama that immediately engages the eyes of the viewers with its awesome action scenes.

Q: What was it like appearing in the drama?

Rain: I'm enjoying shooting the drama. I think you will like it.

Q: All your films and dramas were hits, right?

Rain: It's not always so. There were a couple of missteps.
Please hear me out. (when the female MC jumped to conclusions.)
Handling the case in "The Fugitive Plan B", I have a very good feeling about this drama.
The director told me that he had had his fortune, by saying 'I'll be helped by a man by the name of 'Jung' (Rain). So I am helping him.(lauging)

The drama's leading actress performs the action scenes in a very convincing way as well as its actors do.


Q: What is the secret to your great action acts?

Lee Na Young: I've tried hard to impress the viewers by doing my best, no matter how small.

Recording about a 20-percent viewing rate, the drama is greatly anticipated that it will be big hit, while growing in popularity.

Source: Hip Song@DC Rain Gallery
Brief translation credit: rain

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