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[KBS Yeoyumanman Star Magazine] The Fugitive: Plan B

People A: "The Fugitive Plan B" looks like a movie.

People B: The drama is very exciting, and its leading actor seems to perform the (action) scenes in a very convincing way.

0:05~ 0:23:
This drama is off to a good start, taking off with a 20.7 % viewing rate even when the drama was on the air for the first time. This blockbuster drama where the total number of participants is 4214, has attracted the attention of the public even before the broadcast, with being filmed on location in Asia's 7 cities for 73 days.

A production report conference of "The Fugitive Plan B" was held in a hotel of Seoul last 27th, 2010.

The reason why this drama is in the spotlight is that it boasts all-star-studded cast such as 'Lee Na Young', 'Daniel Henney', and 'Lee Jung Jin', including Rain.

Not only is 'Jung Ji Hoon' (Rain) in his golden days now as a singer, but he is also rising as a world star, being recognized as an international actor with his appearance in hollywood films.

Ji Woo (Rain): This is 'Ji Woo' who is the Asian Pacific Korean bureau chief for the International Federation of Private Detective.

Rain: My character is a passer-by. I'm just kidding (laughs).
I play the main character called 'Ji Woo' who is a private detective and spy.

Ji Woo (Rain): This place (temple) is an ideal environment (because lissom ladies are not unfrequently met with)

'Ji Woo' is a playboy who has a weakness for women of singular beauty.

After loosing both her real parents and foster parents through a series of unexpected accidents in her childhood, Jinny (Lee Na Young) swears to wreak vengeance on those who killed them.

Ji Woo: Who is the person you are looking for?

Jinny: Megideck.

Ji Woo: What's the name of the person?

Jinny: I only know him by name.

Ji Woo: How come you are looking for the person by only name?

Jinny: That's something you can't do for me?

Ji Woo: I'm sure I can find the person!

Ji Woo: Do you mind if I take a shower first? or shall we do it together?

Jinny: W-What?

Ji Woo: Please stop being so coy (laughing)

(After getting slapped)
Ji Woo: Sorry. I thought we were both thinking the same thing. Sorry.

Jinny: You should not be killed because I love you. (to kai )

Kai (Daniel Henny) who protects his lover Jinny.

Q: Of the two men (Rain and Daniel Henny), who do you prefer?

Lee Na Young: They are both attractive men, otherwise they are quite unlike. So I can't pick between the two.

Daniel Henney: I'm disappointed not to be chosen by her, even though I has made a friend of her through this drama shooting.

Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin): Did you kill your friend over money?

'Do Soo' firmly believes 'Ji Woo' is the prime suspect in a murder.

Ji Woo: You have on body armour, right?

The awesome action between the two is another something interesting to watch the drama.

Lee Jung Jin: The most memorable scene for me was Rain's back. It was probably me who saw his back most often throughout this year.

The two's incessant running scenes are checked on the set of the drama.

The heat is getting to the two who are keeping running.

Lee Jung Jin: We are having a hard time as if we are standing on the beach under the hot sun while mosquitoes are especially vicious this summer.

Rain: It was a difficult task but 'Jung Jin' hyung (Lee Jung Jin) and I brought it off, but there were more difficult things facing us. Let us say, after leaping a 3-meter wall the day before yesterday, we had to try to do another wall which is even higher than that, let by the director.

Rain jumps over a high fence himself without any stunts.

But 'Lee Jung Jin' makes hard work of jumping over the fence.

Rain climbing on the fence again for the next scene.

-'Lee Jung Jin' is getting playful now-

Rain: Please stop acting so frivolously and be still. Please! Please! It's no joke! I'm serious!

'Lee Jung Jin': When will you take me out for a treat?

Rain: I told you so!

- Rain is sticking it out-

Rain: Not anymore!
Rain: Go on! Take it! I dare you!

-The ball is in 'Lee Jung Jin's court-

Rain: Good!

-But Rain fails his revenge-

'Lee Jung Jin': I knew this was gonna happen!

Rain: There are a lot of running scenes in the drama where an intense cat-and-mouse game between the two with its dynamic plot line.
What we had to shoot the drama despite the scorching weather is strongly impressed on my memory.

Lee Jung Jin: We're shooting a lot of running scenes under the hot sun, while 'Daniel Henney' is always shooting luxury scenes in the places that are air-conditioned, such as a hotel suite, etc.

Rain: We're always running, while 'Daniel Henney' is always going on a helicopter ride.

'Daniel Henney' coming down from a helicopter in high style, like an international business man.
Furthermore, his lover is 'Lee Na Young'.
He really has the devil's own luck.

Lee Jung Jin: Ji Hoon (Rain), try to drive the car.

Rain: Where to?

Lee Jung Jin: KBS broadcasting station in Yeouido.

Rain: That's too far.( laughing)

Lee Jung Jin: The heat is killing me as the lining of this jacket made of lambskin is 100% wool.

Rain: I'd like to wear the jacket.

Lee Jung Jin: You may keep this.

Rain: It's not mine.

Lee Jung Jin: But you got stroppy with me when you tried to wear it in Macau.

Rain: I never have. I actually like the leather jackets. That was meant as a compliment when you wore it at that time.

Director: I think I'm eating alone.

Rain: Why do you eat so much snacks? ( having a wicked sense of humour)
You are only eating while others are working so hard.
Don't you think you are going too far?
Now, have some more! (laughing)

Lee Jung Jin: The reason why the director is keeping eating alone, not caring about other people's feelings, is that he was raised in the countryside, suffering from hunger. (laughing)

Director: It's difficult shooting chase scenes again, just as I did in my prior drama Cuno, which seems to make me feel stressed and pressured.

The director's association with the cast in his prior drama Chuno led them to play cameo roles in this drama, 'The Fugitive Plan B'

'O Ji Ho' played a surprise cameo role in 'The Fugitive Plan B' as the character called 'Kevin Jung' who is a private detective and Ji Woo's close friend.

Lee Da Hae (cameo): How much money do I have to lend to you?

Ji Woo: Three hundred million won (KRW) (around $264,248)
(after abruptly slapping him across the face)

Lee Da Hae: Ugh! What a dreadful person you are!

Lee Jong Hyuck (cameo): Hello, please don't worry. This is 'Jo Dong Ho' who is the director general of the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Foreign Ministry.

'Han Jung Soo' (cameo): I want your cellphone. (to stop Ji Woo from recording)
(In 'The Fugitive Plan B', he played a character who is a corrupt police accepting bribes)

'Sung Dong Il' plays a character called 'Nacamura Howang' who is the best private detective in Japan in In 'The Fugitive Plan B'

'Gong Hyung Jin' plays a character called 'Si Bu' who is Ji Woo's spy in China in 'The Fugitive Plan B'

'Gong Hyung Jin': You are so beautiful!

'Jo Hee Bong' plays a character called 'James Bong' who is 'Ji Woo's spy in Southeast Asia in 'The Fugitive Plan B'

'James Bong's subordinate: When will you give me a raise? I still lie out of my money that was to come in two days earlier. You Korean boss is an eccentric!
(This actor played a character who is 'Jo Hee Bong's master in Chuno, but this time he plays 'Jo Hee Bong's subordinate character in 'The Fugitive Plan B')

Rain: I'm always doing my best to meet your expectations.

Yun Son Ha: We all are working as best we can.

Lee Jung Jin: This drama is good fun for the whole family.

Rain: I only want the drama to score a point on the ratings which is higher than the level of the program (Men's Qualifying) in which 'Jung Jin' hyung (Lee Jung Jin) appears. It's just joking.
We're trying as hard as we can and will appreciate your continued support and love.

Source: onlyone0625 from rainmaker@youtube.com
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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