Thursday, October 21, 2010

J-tune: "Rain is NOT Guilty!"

"Not even one percent [of what Kim has said] is true but we feel extremely wronged because what he is saying is being accepted as the truth and it's ruining the trust Rain has worked to instill in the public for the past ten years.Both Rain and I are angry over the malicious arguments [made by Kim] but also just over this situation we’re in where the public is half-doubting us..." will not stay quiet about this anymore and we will take every legal measure, including filing a counter lawsuit and take all means possible, even if it may have to be an international investigation. By no means is Jung Ji-hoon related to any of this. He's a sound person. I will make sure to reveal the truth,"

The quote above is from Rain's agency,J-tune Entertainment's, CEO Cho Dong-won. He expressed the words above in an interview with Sports Today. He insists that what Andre Kim(28 year-old former affluent IT businessman) has stated about Rain is 100% false and he does not owe him $150,000. His agency has submitted statements and now they are ready to fight Andre Kim's claims in court. They promise to do everything in their power to prove the Singer/Actor's innocence.

This time around, I will have to agree with J-tune Entertainment. Why would a rich international celebrity borrow money from his friend and then not pay it back? Also, I highly doubt he has a gambling problem. He may have gambled when he visited the USA, but as hard as Rain works, he deserves to have some fun every now and then!

Enough about me, What do you think about the recent developments?

Source: Popseoul

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