Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How the brain of Rain in 'The Fugitive Plan B' is organized, is released

How the brains of the stars in KBS 2TV's drama 'The Fugitive Plan B' are organized, is released.

The brain structures recently released on the drama's official website show that the mysterious death of 'Ji Woo's close friend 'Kevin' (O Ji Ho) occupies the middle of 'Ji Woo's brain (Rain)

'Ji Woo' (Rain) wept hot at Kevin's sudden death, but 'Ji Woo' has been unjustly accused of the murder by the police.

In addition, each of three, "'Eon Nyun' (Lee Da Hae's character's name in drama Chuno, and she has played a cameo role in the first episode of The Fugitive Plan B') who has broken up with 'Ji Woo' only because of 3 hundred millions KRW ", "The client who is worth about a hundred million KRW," and " I'm feeling a sort of taking the bait", is a part of 'Ji Woo's brain.

In particular, "His bangs which are never in disarray" and "Don't open your eyes wide" mentioned about 'Ji Woo's appearance, bring about a lot of laughter from the netizens.

And, "Her dignity like that of goddess" and "The superior size of her face" are parts of Lee Na Young's brain.

"What a repulsive wretch 'Baek Nam Jung' (Denny Ahn) is!", "Damn! Can't I get that promotion?" and "Nella fantasia" (the term used in KBS 2TV's show program 'Men's Qualifying where 'Lee Jung-Jin' is a regular panel member.) are parts of Lee Jung Jin's brain.

Meanwhile, in its 7th episode to be aired on the 20th, Ji Woo (Rain) who gets suspicious and comes to Macau to chase Jinny, asks his old friend 'General Wee' (譚富榮) for help. But, 'General Wee' who already belongs to 'Yang Doo Hee', sets a deathtrap for 'Ji Woo'.

While 'Ji Woo' is feeling a threat to his own safety due to 'Do Soo's team who arrives in Macau to follow him by being entangled with 'Yang Doo Hee' scheme, 'Yang Doo Hee's drastic and harsh decision that will completely lead to a change in the fortunes of all those things, is made.

Source: Star News
Brief translation credit: rain

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