Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain and 'Lee Jung Jin' can't conceal their envy of Daniel Henney

Rain and 'Lee Jung Jin' couldn't conceal their envy of Daniel Henney through KBS 2TV's lifestyle news 'Useful Living Information' aired on the 26th, which attracts attention.

Nick-named the "Tom and Jerry", Rain and 'Lee Jung Jin' currently appearing in 'The Fugitive Plan B' have been engaged in a cat and mouse chase throughout the series. In particularly, there have been a lot of running scenes with all their force.

About this, the only thing we do, Rain says, is running around, as compared with Daniel Henney going on a helicopter ride.

Also, 'Lee Jung Jin' used his childlike charms as he made complaints, "There are lots of running scenes which are ours to make, while Daniel Henney always films the drama in luxury suites or the places that are air-conditioned."

Meanwhile, the behind the scene stories of 'The Fugitive Plan B', and interviewing the stars on location were released through this broadcast.

Source: Expo news
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