Thursday, October 21, 2010

Expectations are growing that 'The Fugitive Plan B's plot line will start to gather momentum

KBS 2TV's drama 'The Fugitive Plan B's plot line has started to gather momentum.

In the 7th episode of the drama on October 20th, Kai (Daniel Henney) brought Jinny to 'Yang Du Hee' (Old man) as 'Yang Du Hee' ordered, but Kai insisted that he would never forsake Jinny in front of 'Yang Du Hee'.

Kai, who is as cold as a stone, had 'Ji Woo' (Rain) pegged as the murder of her family members by saying, "Ji Woo is the Megideck", and then, Kai and Jinny enjoyed dating in a long time.

'Ji Woo' who didn't know such situation, visited Jinny with impatience in order to tell her that Kai was in league with the enemy, but he saw Kai and Jinny kissing. To make matters worse, 'Ji Woo' was arrested by Do Soo (Lee Jung Jin)

When 'Ji Woo' who never lost his sense of smile in any dangerous situations, was devastated without smiling by the situation where Jinny was in Kai's arms without receiving Ji Woo's phone call, its audiences felt sorry for 'Ji Woo' to see him in such a situation.

From the 8th episode to be aired on October 21th, the story based on reasonableness will be developed in earnest.

Since the upcoming episodes will be set in Korea, it is expected that subtitles will go down markedly, which will engross the audiences and pull them into the drama.

Do Soo's (Lee Jung Jin) sense of release is only momentary after arresting 'Ji Woo' (Rain). As the investigation progresses, too perfect evidence that has surfaced is thrown discredit on 'Do Soo', "It would not be a common murder case."

Kai (Daniel Henney) tries to make the Josun Bank bill back for sparing Jinny (Lee Na Young) her life, perfectly getting set to team with 'Yang Du Hee' (Old man).

The situation becomes so aggravated that 'Ji Woo' who has been completely nonchalant must avow that he is the Megideck, as 'Ji Woo's attorney suddenly disappears and they have obtained conclusive evidence that 'Ji Woo' is the Megideck.

Even if Jinny is sure that 'Ji Woo' should be the Megideck after hearing the explanation from Kai, she has niggling doubts about Kai's identity because of some aspects of the truth 'Ji Woo' has showed her.

Officilas from the drama production asked, "You can have an opportunity to enjoy the quintessence of mystery and detective drama through the 8th episode. Please keep watching out for the drama how endangered 'Ji Woo' will deal with trouble."

In the preview of the 8th episode, when Jinny is seen to be in tears, visiting 'Ji Woo' who has been prisoned, its audiences have expressed that they are filled with anticipation about the episode, commenting on it, "I hope her to believe 'Ji Woo' at the very least." "I was moved to her tears at the scene"

Source: Korean Economy
Brief translation credit: by rain

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