Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Rain's feelings about having received the MTV Movie Award


Rain's feelings about having received the MTV Moive Award-

"The sort of thing that you would only see on a simulated news really happened.

I'd like to thank all my fans.

When I was named Biggest Badass Star, I almost cried, but I smiled.

I did not expect I would win the award.

Rather, I knew 'Channing Tatum' would do it.

But, to my surprise, my name was called and I was mightly pleased.

Everything seems to me like a dream."

"The organizers offered to engrave my name on the popcorn-shaped trophy, so I left it with them."

"I've won an awesome action award called Badass, and the word bears many meanings. One of them is hips.

It was said that everybody was having fun, when I joked with American humor using the word and showed my hips saying I had worked out."

He joked, "But the truth is, I've been exercising to keep the hips fit."

Source: Newsen
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