Monday, June 07, 2010

Rain takes the MTV Movie Awards Golden Popcorn for Biggest Badass Star


Movie Ninja Assassin has brought world Star Rain the best action star award at the MTV Movie Awards.

Rain received the Biggest Badass Star golden popcorn award at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards on the 6th of June.

Rain was also able to say his comments for the award in English fluently.

Rain could not express his happiness and appreciation for his fans when he won the award and he would've been thankful enough for becoming one of the nominess for the award.

Rain could not pick out a rival because the other nominees were also very good actors and actresses in the industry and he was very proud to be able to participate in such an event and walk the red carpets.

The MTV Movie Awards are given out 100% through the voting polls online.

Credits: kpopupdate

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