Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain shot a still shot from drama 'Fugitive' in absolute secrecy near 'Hong Ick' University on the 14th

The cameras have started rolling on drama 'Fugitive' leading Rain.

Starting with a still shot from drama 'Fugitive' scheduled for broadcast on October, there has been visible signs of Rain returning to home theater.

Rain shot a still out of drama 'Fugitive' at a cafe near 'Hong Ick' University on the afternoon of the 14th, where he was shooting a still, changing about six sets of clothes.

According to the drama production, the shoot was conducted in absolute secrecy because they were concerned that Rain's fans would congregate to watch him.

Rain has been putting so much work into his new drama 'Fugitive' in which he has come to appear in 10 years.

They expressed, "The shoot was conducted in absolute secrecy to go into character more in a calm manner, but a few fans visited the scene and watched his acting, although it was progressed at a secluded spot."

During the shoot, he gave off his charm to the fullest in the scene by all sorts of suits to the concept of his character as a detective.

It is known that he'll go on location to shoot the drama in Japan after finishing his concert tour in that country for two weeks from the 22nd.

Meanwhile, 'Fugitive' getting a lot of attention even abroad, not just locally, as they've settled on casting Rain in the lead role with the joining of the production team of huge box-office hit drama 'Chuno' which went off the air last March, will be an absorbing spy action drama to be aired on KBS TV about October.

Source: Money Today's Star News
Brief translation credit: rain bird@rain-eu.com

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