Monday, June 07, 2010

Rain interviewed with MTV Korea before leaving for LA for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards


Rain: Hello, everyone.
Long time no see. This is Rain.


Q: When you're nominated for the 2010 MTV Movie Award, what do you start saying to yourself?

Rain: Being a candidate for the award is an honor in itself becasue I've always dreamed of attending such an awards ceremony since I was a little boy.


Q: Who do you think is your most competitor among the outstanding candidates?

Rain: They all are my favorite stars instead of my competitors.


Q: Do you think you'll get the award?

Rain: With or without the award, It’s been a pleasure to walk on the red carpet, and to attend the ceremony is in itself a privilege. I just want to enjoy the ceremony.


Q: What scene in your movie Ninja Assassin has been strongly impressed on your memory?

Rain: I'm remind of my training course before the shooting rather than a scene of the movie. I’d like to thank you for your love and support for the movie, although there are many scenes of bloodiness in it.


Q: Why do you think you've been nominated for the award?

Rain: There is a scene where I'm doing push-ups with standing on my hands as if I do yoga, and I think I've been nominated for the award by it.


Q: What's next for you?

Rain: Maybe I'll appear on a TV series and release another music album.
I plan to work hard in various spheres of activity as a singer and actor, so I hope that many of you'll support.


Q: I expect to hear good news from you, and finally, please send your greetings to MTV family again.

Rain: I hope you to be healthy, and happy.
I'll try to receive the award, so please give me your interest and support.

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