Friday, June 04, 2010

Rain, "I want to attend MTV Movie Awards ceremony as if I enjoy a party."

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Rain who comes to become the first Korean star to attend America's influential movie awards, stated his feelings about his attendance.

"I'd like to attend the ceremony with a piece of mind as if I enjoy a party, and It will seem to be a good experience to become intimate with hollywood stars."

"When I was asked to attend MTV Movie Awards ceremony, the memories of my hard work at the time of the Ninja Assassin shooting kept popping up in my head. Hopefully I'll win the award, but the fact that I'll be the ceremony means a lot to me."

Rain is the first Korean star to attend MTV Movie Awards which will be held in LA's 'Gibson Amphitheatre' on the 6th, USA. (by the time in USA)

Rain has earned a MTV Award nomination for his real performance in Ninja Assassin for Best Ass Kicking Star, and 'Angelina Jolie', 'Channing Tatum', etc. including Rain are competing for the award.

The ceremony that will be a star-studded event will broadcast live through cable channel MTV Korea for two hours from 10am on the 7th (by the time in Korea)

Brief translation credit: rain

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