Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rain does a Tweet dump

Although Rain quickly denied rumors that he was dating My Sassy Girl actress Jeon Ji Hyun, the rumor refuses to die. The frenzy started when the Daily Sports Seoul reported that the two had been secretly dating for the past year. Both Rain and Jeon Ji Hyun quickly denied the rumor, but some say it was too quick. And you know that once you get the conspiracists started it's hard to stop them.

Some of the 'proof' out there that Rain and Ji Hyun are dating are supposed 'couple' jewelry, have a look.
Netizens are claiming that Ji Hyun's bracelet and Rain's ring, which they both often wear, is a couple set. Personally, I don’t see it, oh well. The newest, and some say most 'telling' new evidence is Rain's deleting of over 10,000 tweets from his Twitter.
Many have asked why Rain would have deleted all of his Tweets if he didn't have something to hide, but I can understand his reasons. In their current furor, netizens and the media would've gone through all the tweets and looked for any little thing they could to make a big thing out of.

Rain is pushing 30 and will soon have to leave for military duty so I think that he is more than due some lovin' whether or not this rumor is true. Fans really need to realize that their idols need to have lives of their own, do they really expect them to be single and celibate (at least in public) until they grow old or you when the fans are over their infatuation? A true fan would want their idol to be happy, hopefully married and with a family of their own if that is their wish, and before they’re too old to enjoy it.

Source: Newsen, WorldNews, SportsDonga
Credit: Seoulbeats

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