Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rain declares he'll say no more before 'Lee Joon' because of Lee's continued disclosure of Rain's personal statement

'Lee Joon', one memeber of 5 male group MBLAQ produced by Rain, appeared on SBS TV's show program 'Challenging 1000 Songs' to be aired on the 27th and said, "Rain declared he'll say no more before me because of my continued disclosure of his personal statement."

"Once, when I showed up while he was talking with the rest of our members except me, he said to me, revealing his cute discomfort with me, 'Do you intend to make a disclosure of what I'm saying now on TV? I won't talk to you anymore'"

'Lee Joon' added, "Also, he wrote good words with his autograph on his album for the rest of our members, but he was avenged on me, writing a short word to me, 'Read good books!'"

Source: Money Today's Star News
Brief translation credit: rain

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