Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain came clean about some episodes told of his former girl friend and JYP on MBC 'Radio Star'


Episode 1

Rain appeared on MBC show program 'Radio Star' aired on the 9th and came clean about some episodes told of his former producer 'Park Jin-Young' (JYP) and his former girl friend.

Rain expressed, "JYP had almost hysterically kept getting on my case. 'Never laugh! Never step out of the car! Act in a very charismatic manner! You need to use mysticism marketing'. Whenever my disciple MBLAQ's manners go against the grain with me, I sometimes think, 'I was a very good disciple'."

When MCs asked Rain a question, "Can you introduce JYP to your younger sister as a potential mate?", Rain answered, "Never happen!" At that time, everybody burst out laughing.

When they asked, "Have you ever regarded singer 'Lee Hyo-Ri' as a woman?", Rain said, "She is an older sister to me. I think she is the best female singer in Korea."

Episode 2

Rain expressed, "I used to act charming, and used to be physically affectionate to allay my former girl friend. But when I performed, expressing my affection in dramas, she was very jealous of the main actresses and turned on me in anger. So I tried consoling her, 'Please take my special situation into consideration'. However, the consequence was that I got dumped by her."

When one of MCs told a joke like a truth, "That may be because you only did light petting, only acted charming.", they all burst out laughing at the same time.

Source: Daily Economy & Newsen
Brief translation credit: rain

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