Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain and Jeon Ji-hyun caught up in romance rumors

The latest romance scandal to hit the internet features two top stars, Rain and Jeon Ji-hyun, and the reports, mixed with speculation, are coming fast and furious. The media is all in a frenzy to confirm the truth, and the news was so surprising that even Jeon's management, Sidus HQ, had nothing to say other than "We're checking to see if it's true. This is the first we’re hearing about it."

Romance rumors are pretty common and sometimes turn out to be false or spread purposely to drum up buzz, but a "scandal" of this magnitude attracts an unusual level of interest. Furthermore, there are a number of specific details about the relationship that have people wondering if it might actually be true. For instance, one source reported that their relationship has been going for a year, and that the two met through a prominent chaebol and have been dating secretly at Jeon's home in Samsungdong. The source was a witness to one of their dates, which they were very careful to keep out of the public eye.

Furthermore, the source revealed that they generally met on days when Rain didn't have scheduled appearances or recordings. They avoided seeing each other on Fridays and Saturdays when Rain would record performances for music programs, and afterward they would meet on Sunday nights. Before Rain left for the MTV Movie Awards that took place just last week, he reportedly visited Jeon at her home, and prior to heading toward her place, he circled the neighborhood several times to check that he wasn't being observed. Hawk-eyed netizens (of course!) have also pointed out that Rain wears a ring that is very similar to the bracelet Jeon wears from the same jewelry line, and suspect that those are their "couple accessories."

Meanwhile, Rain's entertainment company, J Tune, issued a denial, saying that the ring is not a couple ring and that there is no truth to the rumors. They contend that Rain only met Jeon a few times because of the drama they were once considering doing together (he’s still on for the action series Runaway, which she eventually declined).

Usually I ignore romance rumors because they seem so faked or planned, but this one has my interest. I'd vaguely had the thought that Jeon was on the verge of marriage with a different boyfriend, but that was almost two years ago...

Source:, My Daily, Hankook Ilbo
Credit: Dramabeans

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