Sunday, June 27, 2010

MBLAQ: 'Huk, we forgot Jihoon hyung's birthday!'

MBLAQ, the five-membered group created by Rain, wished their company 'CEO' a happy birthday by texting him after forgetting it on the 25th of June.

When asked during an IlGan Sports Interview, "What did you guys do for Rain for his birthday?", they replied, "Huk! We forgot. Is it today?" and simultaneously pulled out each of their cell phones from their pockets.

The 25th will greet Rain's twenty-ninth birthday. Currently, Rain is in Japan for a tour. MBLAQ, who spent a long time sending congratulatory messages by text, said, "We lost track of time because we've been so busy" and stated that "Sometimes when we text JiHoon hyung, he replies back", laughing.

G.O said, "He's our 'CEO', but he's like our real older brother, and I'm always thankful towards JiHoon hyung for that", "I'm always receiving advice from him and moving forward. I respect hyung".

J.Tune Entertainment stated on the 25th, "Rain had a small and simple birthday party with the staff from from Japan tour", and that "Rain feels thankful for all the support his fans give him".

MBLAQ is currently promoting their second single album title track 'Y', and on the 3rd of June got their first win on M! Countdown.

Source: IS Plus
Translator: ilovepocky@AbsoluteMBLAQ

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