Thursday, June 03, 2010

MBLAQ "The best revenge, Succeeding"

"The best revenge? It's living a good life of course."

MBLAQ came back with their new song 'Y.' 'Y' is the song that Rain wrote and took part in composition about a girl's betrayal and a man's bitterness.

All of MBLAQ are in their early 20's and would have as much experiences in experience from separation and love. Listening to the members' stories there were some members that have suffered from love and members who have not. Within them there was also another member that made us think about Kim Kunmo's 'Wrong Meeting.' The fact that without you knowing your lover and friend get close to one another.

"It was very hard. Both of those people were precious to me. At that time I was thinking what would be the best revenge for the two, I was filled with a bitter heart but as time passed the best revenge for me was for me to succeed, I realized I had to be happy. And I as expected realized that if the other was unhappy then my heart wasn't at ease either." (Mir)

The other members all nodded their heads to Mir's story.

◇ MBLAQ, Throwing away the decoration the emphasis on 'manliness'

If before during 'Oh Yeah' the brilliant stage outfits and performances outside of it manliness was the emphasis, then during 'Y' we are pointing out the manliness with clean suits and point chorography.

Especially member GO got rid of his mustache while preparing for the new album. His trademark was the mustache during 'Oh Yeah' and 'Good Luv' promotions. There were many fans that saw the mustache gone and saw another person causing them to be slightly awkward and other fans that said he had turned into a 'pretty boy' and loved it.

Through this album it can be determined that MBLAQ has become more mature. Not only through outer appearance but also through their capabilities. MBLAQ gathered a lot of interest from their first comeback stage because while they were performing they had steady face expression acting and live stage.

"The most concerned part while preparing for our new album was of course the live part. We thought that because it's not our debut stage that we can no longer show an imperfect side. Considering the fact that our members all had individual activities that it was hard for us to meet together to practice I think we practiced our singing a lot. Because of that we didn't have a lot of missing feeling after we finished our first stage." (Seungho)

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