Thursday, June 10, 2010

JTune Ent denies reports of love scandal between Rain and Jeon JiHyun

An official stand is revealed on the scandal between singer Rain and actress Jeon JiHyun.

JTune Entertainment released official report on 10th June, "Even though it is true that Rain and Jeon JiHyun have close friends in common in the drama industry, reports and rumours that the 2 are in a love relationship after being introduced to each other are not true. The reasons why they were seen together at the i-park is because they have friends living there. The reported photo of them together are actually 2 photos of them taken individually. They are hurt that the rings that their familes gave them are misreported as token of love between the 2."

JTune added, "We are sad that we were not able to protect Rain’s private life because he is famous. We intend to handle this case legally."

The media reportedly stated, "We have been watching them for 100 days. They even have a special dating venue. To avoid the public eye, the 2 had gone for secret dating. The dating venue is SamSung i-park where Jeon JiHyun is staying. The 2 will meet on days when they don't have schedule. They will avoid meeting on weekends where there are music broadcast filming, but will spend time together on Sunday evening when all the filmings are over. The day before Rain left for the States to attend the MTV Movie Awards, he had gone to look up Jeon JiHyun at her place. Before headnig to Jeon JiHyun's place, Rain has checked a few times along the streets at his place. The 2 have their couple accessories – Rain's Cartier's ring design matches Jeon JiHyun's bracelet."

Source: Newsen, MyDaily
Credit: K Bites

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