Tuesday, June 08, 2010

[Fan Account] 07-06-10 (LA Time) Rain @ LAX departing to Korea

"My friend's work is just 5 minutes away from LAX. So when I told her that Rain's leaving today at 12:30, she went there at 10am. There were other clouds waiting too, about 10 or so... At 11am, she saw a guy wearing orange shirt came in that looks like Korean who went to the counter holding passports, and she looked outside she saw a guy that looked like Rain sitting in a range rover car. She followed her instinct to go outside to check if it was really Rain and there she saw Rain's beautiful hands first leaning on the window. And she saw Rain in white shirt, wearing a brown shades that blends with his hair. She saw Rain upclose and so wanted to get his autograph but she didn't want to go closer because she didn't want to invade Rain's privacy. And then the "orange man" (that's what she called the guy wearing orange who checked in Rain) came back and called him "Ji Hoon" Ji Hoon" while tapping the window and he went out of the car, told them about his luggage and he went straight to the counter walking in a fast pace. Other clouds saw him too but he was already about to go inside...
So far, she had her best moment of Rain…a new Rain fan just had her starstrucked moment of Rain..."
Thanks so much for sharing Rose(aka pluie625)!!!

Source: Rainhk
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