Wednesday, June 02, 2010

[Cloud Notice] Pictures of Mini Fan Meeting

Hello everyone, we're the 7th Cloud group.

The mini fan meeting has passed for 2 days now.

Even though it's a little late, these pictures depicting the great atmosphere that Rain and Clouds had together should enable everyone to feel the same.

The original plan was to find a suitable meeting space to have the mini fan meeting, but because of Rain’s schedule and not being able to stop by for long, the event was held directly in front of the MBC studio.

Everyone spared no efforts by being orderly and lining up under the hot weather, thus enabling that same day activity to be carried out smoothly, many thanks to the Clouds for your cooperation.

*Please enjoy the pictures here. (Please do not upload elsewhere)
*Specially to those fans who appeared on these pictures please keep this for your own personal enjoyment (Please do not circulate)
*You may click on each picture to enlarge and enjoy.

Source & Pictures: (must be a registered user on Rain-Cloud)
Brief Eng Translation: dsl99a@Rain-USA / sixtofive1982 / SexyBi

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