Wednesday, June 16, 2010

According to Rain's fortune by his name 'Jung Ji-Hoon', he is born to be a popular star and they all have enormous respect for him

Rain's real name is 'Jung Ji-Hoon', but he is usually called Rain when he is active as a singer, while they more often call him by the title, 'Jung Ji-Hoon' as an actor.

Well, what does he owe his enduring popularity?

According to the fortune teller about Rain's fortune by his name 'Jung Ji-Hoon, "he always attracts large and diverse numbers of people, and they look up to him and follow his footsteps."

"Rain is diligent and kind by nature, so he earns a lot money and gets along with people.

It's natural that he should make it the top, not only because the number of strokes of his name 'Jung Ji-Hoon' is '11' which means to rise to the pride of place in terms of fortune by name, but also because his name has already had two '11'."

Source: TV Daily
Brief translation credit: rain

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