Friday, May 07, 2010

Will Jeon Ji-hyun be Rain’s woman in drama comeback?

Nothing's confirmed yet, but news is being floated about the possibility of Jeon Ji-hyun (aka Gianna Jun) joining Rain's drama comeback project, the KBS drama called Runaway (or Fugitive) written and directed by the Chuno pair, Chun Sung-il and PD Kwak Jung-hwan.

On May 6, a rep from KBS said, "After Rain's casting was confirmed, we have considered a lot of actresses to play his co-lead. Currently Jeon Ji-hyun is the strongest candidate. Her side is looking into the project favorably, but will have to work with her schedule and that won’t be easy." Another source from Jeon’s side said, "After hearing the news that director Kwak Jung-hwan, writer Chun Sung-il, and Rain had all joined the project, Jeon Ji-hyun is actively looking into it. As she is currently filming the movie Snow Flower and the Secret Fan in China and the U.S., care is being taken to work with her schedule."

If Jeon were to sign on, this would be her first drama in 11 years, since 1999's Happy Together. Runaway is described as a spy melodrama and is aiming for an October premiere. Producers are currently casting, and plan to begin filming in June after Rain wraps up his Asia tour.

Via Joy News
Credit: Dramabeans

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