Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RAIN's surprise confession, " I once used to learn variety from Shin JungHwan"

World star Rain sends an encouragement message through 'Shin JungHwa PD's Variety World'.

MBLAQ is the first guest appearance on SBS E!TV 'Shin JungHwan PD's Variety World' where Shin JungHwan is the program PD. And Rain sends an encouragement message through the show.

In the message, Rain said, "Variety sense is a must for someone who wants to be a world star. I believed JungHwannie hyung and followed him along. And through him, I learnt a lot."

Seeing Rain's video message, Shin JungHwa said to MBLAQ, "Did you hear that JiHoonie has called me JungHwannie hyung?" and emphasized, "If you follow me well, you will learn the perfect variety skills."

Rain also encouraged the MBLAQ members through his video message, and the MBLAQ members commented, "We will follow our president's words and follow Shin JungHwa PD nim and work hard to learn variety.""

The show is set to air on 25th May at 8pm.

Credit: K Bites

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