Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Rain's ideal type is actress 'Im Soo-Jeong', "Let's meet up for lunch or something."

Rain told the name of the actor who is closet to his ideal type at the 'Ideal Type World Cup' segment in SBS show program 'Strong Heart' aired on May 4. He said, "My ideal woman is actress 'Im Soo-Jeong'

When MC 'Kang Ho-Dong' edged him on to declare his love for her, he sent his greetings to her, "How's it going? These days, I'm active as a singer with my new alnum. Let's meet up for lunch or something."

Rain had acted in movie 'I'm Am A Cyborg, but That's OK' directed by 'Park Chan-Wook' with her in 2006.

Source: Money Today's Star News
Brief translation by rain

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